How many times do you drive to work and realize, once you’ve arrived, you must have driven on autopilot—you can’t remember a single detail from your trip? Even though your car stayed on the road, you were literally and metaphorically lost in thought. I call this wearing “busy blinders,” those invisible lenses that shut out the world all around us.

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One Familiar
how seldom I see it

that ponderosa pine
I pass every day

It’s so human, isn’t it, to be so focused on our own stories that we miss the big picture? But it’s uniquely human, too, to offer our attention to the world, and there are rewards for opening our eyes, or as Rumi would say, opening the sail. In the details of the world around us, we find beauty, purpose and meaning, and no detail is too small to inspire awe and humility.

This is the gift of poems—I hope to see you in one of my workshops or to speak with you about your poems one on one. And here are poems for you to read.


Let’s play.

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