It was 1992, the year I first read these lines:

And summer made her light escape
into the beautiful.

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Emily Dickinson. This couplet ends her poem, “As Imperceptible as Grief.” There was something about the poem that moved me. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant at the time, I only knew I had to memorize it, had to have its syllables tattooed into my memory. As if to know something that beautiful would make the world more beautiful, make me more beautiful Which it did.

I’d forgotten this until recently when my ten-year-old daughter picked up a book of Dickinson’s letters. Later, she said, “Mom, I didn’t understand a single word I read, but I couldn’t stop reading. And now, I think that book is haunting me.”

Poems do that—they meet us right where we don’t yet know we need to be met. It’s why I read poems every day—a way to re-know the world, to discover, as William Carlos Williams would say, “the news.” Reading poems makes me somehow more human, more open to life. And to write poems every day does the same thing. It’s a willingness to be found. By beauty. By pleasure. By purpose.

I hope you’ll join me at a reading or writing workshop (link this to schedule) soon, hope you launch into your own practice of being found.

Let’s play.


Rosemerry’s new book, Naked for Tea, was a finalist for the Able Muse Book Award and is now available! Click here to purchase



The Art of Showing Up: That’s the title of the program I’ll be co-leading in late July in Ontario. Meditation, poetry and looking at art—all ways to help us be more available to the moment. Come play!

Speak Up: In June, I was awarded the BlackBerryPeach Prize, a contest for spoken word sponsored by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. And to make matters better, they nominated one of my poems for a Pushcart Prize! Soon I will be able to share a link to a video of my acceptance performance.

Responding to Poetry of Presence: My favorite poetry anthology EVER is Poetry of Presence, an anthology of mindfulness poems that explores acceptance, impermanence, compassion, unity, wonderment, quietude and more. They’ve just released an online anthology of people writing in response to these poems, here. I’m delighted to be in both collections. Write some poems of your own in response to both!

Going InIn June I co-led a workshop on Dreams and Poetry with Corinne Platt. One of the resulting poems—about going deeper into ourselves—was picked up in the online magazine Science and NonDuality.

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